Crochet for beginners

Elementary Crochet - basic crochet course for beginners.

For those who have no prior knowledge of Crochet.

Startng from: 1st March 2017.
Duration: 5 days. once in a week for any 2 hours.
Time: Between 1:00pm to 6:00 pm (closed on Saturday and Sunday)*.

Lessons and Practical includes:
1. Introduction to crochet, hook and yarn.
2. Techniques of handling hook and yarn.
3. Practical of 3 basic stitches.
4. 3 patterns based on the basic stitches.
5. Pattern and symbol reading.
6. Techniques to work in rows, circle and square.
7. Tips and tricks for finishing.

Notes for patterns and project will be provided.

Material: "Crochet for Beginners Kit" will be provided in the class. Charges are inclusive in the fees.

Fees: 2500/- INR (In advance)
Mode: Cash or online transfer

* For flexible timings: call us on 9920028859.